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Blood Ties (Bruxa 2)

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Gabriella is still struggling with her decisions and is no closer to discovering what she is to become. Overwhelmed and fueled by rage Gabriella welcomes her true powers and awakens an age old prophecy. Focusing on her magic and the Bruxa she discovers new faces and allies herself with a strong coven.
With great effort Gabriella tries to forget about Alvero and rebuilds her life with Joey, but all is about to collapse the moment Joey's uncle comes to town. With everything on the verge of falling apart she questions her sanity especially when a wave of ghostly attacks from her father arises.
More detrimental Gabriella becomes reckless and walks blinding into a trap where Joey and Alvero will finally meet in a deadly face off. Forced to make an unthinkable decision she will have to choose aside, but will the consequence be worth it? Backed in a corner and in a race to unlock the truth she will embrace both her blood lines, but her true power will welcome a threat no one saw coming.

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