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The Zombie Fever Series (Books 1-3)

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This is a collection of the first three titles of The Zombie Fever Series, which are stories of zombie horror mayhem. (Approx. 150,000 words total.)

Books included:
1. Zombie Fever 1: Origins
2. Zombie Fever 2: Outbreak
3. Zombie Fever 3: Evolution
Zombie Fever 1: Origins
After working a graveyard shift at Vitura Pharmaceuticals, Tomas' father disappears without a trace. Eager for answers, Tomas confronts Supervisor Bertrand, division head of the secretive corporation. Tomas gets answers all right; and it's those answers that put him on a course with destiny, international intrigue and...ZOMBIES.
What happened to his father?
What are Vitura's plans?
Are Zombies real?
(Novella Length: 20,000 words/80 pages)
Zombie Fever 2: Outbreak
It's a dream come true when Abigail and her best friend are cast in a new reality show. But it's a dream that turns into a nightmare, when Sebastian, the show's producer, decides to use the most recent zombie outbreak as the backdrop for the production. Mayhem and horror ensue as the show's cast is sent further and further into the quarantine zone.
Meanwhile, Vitura is behind the outbreak and Tomas is doing his best to put a stop to their diabolical plans. But is he to late to save Abigail from the viral menace?
Who will become infected with zombie fever?
Who gets eaten by the zombie horde?
And most importantly, who wins the million-dollar prize?

(Novel Approx Length: 360 pages/90,000 words)

Zombie Fever 3: Evolution
The zombie virus has spread to Singapore and is out of control, creating zombies that are faster, smarter and hungrier than ever!
After helping Abigail and her teammates escape the quarantine zone, Tomas realizes that sending them into Singapore has inadvertently caused the worst zombie outbreak to date. To make matters worse, Tomas discovers that Abigail and her best friend are the only two people in the world inoculated with the cure. Tomas makes it his mission to rescue her, regardless of the millions of flesh-eating psychopaths rioting in the streets.
However, Vitura is on to him. Supervisor Bertrand sends Jayden, a ruthless mercenary, to track down Abigail and Tomas and capture them...dead or alive.
(Approx. Length 160 pages/ 41,600 words)

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