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Gorilla Lawfair: A Pro Se Litigation Manual, Volume I, 2nd Edition

298 pages3 hours


Inside you will find information on:

* Criminal Law
* Arrest
* Booking
* Line-ups
* Pre-Arraignment Interviews
* Assigned Counsel
* Grand Jury Proceedings
* Filing Late Criminal Appeals
* Filing 440.10 and 440.20 Motions
* Filing Ineffective Assistant of Counsel Claims
* 2241 Motions for Habeas Corpus Relief (Federal
Prisoners Only)
* Letter to the Federal Bureau of Prisons for
Concurrent Sentencing (Federal Prisoners Only)
* How to File Article 78 Petitions
* Parole Board Appeals
* Temporary Release Program Appeals
* Article 78 Appeals
* New York State Court of Appeals

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