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Forgetting and Remembering

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In an explosive Australian story in the inspired style of Tom Keneally, Xavier Herbert and Frank Hardy, this mock murder mystery is a triumph of characterisation and drama where a town finds itself immeshed in forces almost beyond its control.

When a corrupt Bicentennial official disappears in the midst of an indigenous death-in-custody, town mayhem and a Royal Commission, only Kev plays detective.

He first suspects the fiery Aboriginal leader Billy, then the passionate Mara of ‘Patchtown’, and later, manipulative councilor Cheryl Sheila and her fiance and Council administrator, Roger 'Humblebum'.

Weighed down by his sense of responsibility, and his biological link to the infamous Jimmy Blacksmith, Kev wants only peace and civility, and safety for his wayward son, Danny, working for local criminals, Paddy Bourke and the Hard Boys. The Riot Squad is on a collision course with Kev, kooris and the entire town, convinced of an imminent black uprising.

What starts as a murder mystery becomes the anonymous author's cathartic recollection of event in the months leading to Australia's Bicentennial celebrations. Know what happens when all trust is destroyed and all that's forgotten is again remembered.

An explosive Australian story inspired by 1987's Brewarrina 'riots', events that changed a nation.

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