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Cosmic Man

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The whole Cosmos is a living creature where we live and move. This Cosmos could be boundless and limitable, great and small ­ property of the eternal is to produce any shape it wants. There are no human beings in the universe, but there are rational creatures with much better organised bodies than ours, that fire does not burn. The entire universe is full with consciousness of God, with consciousness and knowledge, with so interesting life that you even do not guess about.

For whom is created the world? At the first place for God, at the second place ­ for the angels and at the third place ­ for us, the humans. There from are retrieved three important to us conclusions, namely: the whole is created for the head, the head ­ for the lungs and the stomach. The head is God, the lungs are the angels; we are the stomach.
Plants, animals, clouds ­ everything is for us. We are the heroes, people are the heroes. For them are all the animals in the world, the plants, the waters, the clouds and the Sun, and the stars, everything God has created for us. We are the heroes on the Earth. The Sun rises for us.

What you see on the Earth is nothing else, but man, decomposed to his parts. The plants, the water, the seas, all these animals that exist, this represent man decomposed to his parts. And man bears the notion of the big, enormous man. And it is not only poetically. “We will be a flock and a shepherd” ­ so says the Scripture.

These who understand man consider that all the people in the world represent one man. This man they call cosmic man -­ enormous man. Anything existing in the world -­ suns, planets, people, plants, animals, all that they put in the hands, in the feet, in the head, in the lungs, in the heart, in the stomach of that cosmic man. This means, that cosmic man represents the entire world. They say that how this man moves, so the world shows itself. From modern science point of view this is an uncomprehend thesis.

When God has created man, He has made an ideal image that people have gradually deviated from. The present people are almost kids. They should at first go back to their initial image. If you see a man whose mouth is very protruding, this shows that his animal home is strongly developed. The perpendicular of his face remains behind his mouth. If his forehead is lying back, it shows that there is something lacking in his mind. If his chin sunk in, it shows that his will is not strong. If the forehead, nose and chin are well developed, the person passes for clever.

The future shape of man will not be like his today’s shape, he will be a sphere. When you enter in the spiritual world you will not see the people in the shape they have today. They will be spheres, big and small, out of which light will be going. Each sphere will move like the Earth. These spheres will light like big electric balls. When an angels descends to the Earth he as well is projected in the same shape like man, but in the sky he is a sphere. Like a sphere, no matter where he turns to, he cannot fall. But as a man his shape is not balanced. A sphere cannot fall down and break. It only rotates, touches the earth and then lifts up. It is in complete safety. You can never take possession of a sphere; you can never be a master of the sphere. And human mind is sphere shaped. What cannot be conquered is human mind. The feelings of man are not sphere shaped, they are flat and his body is long. Only the head is somewhat sphere shaped similar to the mind. Because the feelings are flat we have breasts. What are the feelings of man such are his breasts.

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