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What is Laryngitis?

Laryngitis is the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the Larynx which produces the sound of the voice.

What are the causes of Laryngitis?

Laryngitis is caused by
1. bacterial or viral infections of the larynx.

2. excessive use of voice

3. inhalation of irritants such as cigarette smoke

Laryngitis is also associated with
1. bronchitis

2. pneumonia

3. whooping cough

4. diphtheria

What are the symptoms of Laryngitis?

Laryngitis produces mild but uncomfortable symptoms:

1. hoarseness of voice

2. loss of voice

3. pain on speaking

4. Tiredness

5. Fever low grade rare

How is the diagnosis of Laryngitis made?

1. Symptoms of hoarseness or loss of voice

2. Physical examination of the throat may show the presence of redness and swelling of the vocal cords with some pus discharge.

The movement of the vocal cords may be impeded.

Sometimes nodules may be found on the vocal cord due to excessive usage of voice.

3. nasal and throat swabs to determine the type of infection

4. X-ray of the chest and neck to determine any pressure of other organs pressing on the larynx

5. A biopsy of the nodules on the vocal cords if present to exclude malignancy

What is the treatment of Laryngitis?

1. Rest the voice.

A rested patient will recover faster.

2. Adequate warm Fluids helps to keep the mucus membranes moist

3. Steam inhalations may help

4. Antibiotics if there is suspicion of bacterial infection.

5. Gargles and decongestants may help to soothe the throat and vocal cords

6. Avoid smoking. talking

What is the prognosis of Laryngitis?

Acute laryngitis usually clears up within 10 days.

Very rarely chronic laryngitis may cause hoarseness of voice for months or years.

How is Laryngitis prevented?

Avoid strenuous use of voice.

Avoid smoking.


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Vocal Cord Paralysis

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Vocal Polyp

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Laryngopharyngeal Reflux

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Muscle Tension Dysphonia

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Laryngeal Cancer

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