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The Song of the Seraphim

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When Paul Kingman’s wife, Gabriella, and son, Joshua, are kidnapped by Vaughn Aurochs, Paul must race against time in order to prevent them from being sacrificed as part of the billionaire’s demonic plan to rule the world. Aurochs wants the Nephilim Parchments so he can validate his claim that he has been chosen by the Dark One himself to ascend to the pinnacle of power. Vaughn intends to force Paul to hand over the parchments using Gabriella and Joshua as leverage.
The problem is, Paul doesn’t have the parchments.

Complicating matters is the fact that Gabriella’s father, David McDaniel, the newly elected President of the United States, is working with Aurochs. McDaniel is unaware that the billionaire intends to sacrifice his daughter and grandson in a bizarre ritual in a cave located near the summit of Mt.Hermon in Israel, a site believed by many as the place where the ancient Watchers first came to Earth millennia ago.

Paul must find the parchments in order to save his family, but knows that handing over
the ancient documents to Vaughn Aurochs could unleash an unimaginable horror. He must battle supernatural enemies determined to stop him as he travels to Israel to save his family—and the world. However, he has a powerful ally, the imposing and mysterious Yuri ben Raphah, an angelic warrior assigned by God to watch over the Kingman family.

Will Paul be able to stop Vaughn Aurochs in time, rescue his family, and save the world from a terrifying nightmare? Find out in the exciting conclusion to the Giants in the Earth trilogy.

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