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Career and volunteer missionaries from the West have been presenting a Christian morals and ethics curriculum to public school teachers in Ukraine since 1992. More than 220 teacher/leaders have been trained and are teaching the curriculum in their public classrooms. The life stories of some of those key leaders are told in From Nyet to Da. Read how Valentyna, a former Communist, was told to convert Christian students to atheism -- and failed badly. Years later, she became a Christian, and her school principal also dedicated his life to Christ. Ruslan's father was a drunken terror at home before he became a Christian. Vitaly was a confirmed atheist. He says, "I sincerely believed that you (God) do not exist." Then, one days, it struck him: "Oh, God exists! Wow!" He quit his job as a physicist and became a full-time missionary in his own country.

Published: Jerry Guibor on
ISBN: 9781301870363
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