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First Comes The One Who Wanders

731 pages12 hours


Leilas Leyson's dream is to become a master crafter in the School of Sky. But she is not destined to realize that goal. Prophecies within Preterlandis have fated her to become the one chosen to find the pieces to the staff of power and to help restore the balance between the light and dark forces of magic, which have become perilously unbalanced. The masters at the School of Sky believe this is to be a battle of men against men, crafters against crafters, but Leilas learns that the prophecy is about much more. Evil that was introduced into the world at the Chasm of Ceryk by an evil crafter has corrupted the pure dark magic and is tearing the world apart. Together with the four crafters who were with the Creator in the beginning, a young warrior and a healer she has never met, Leilas must help restore the balance between the light and dark magic before the light magic is lost forever. First Comes the One Who Wanders is the first book in the Saga of Preterlandis series.

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