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Dark Moon

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The first book in the Fate trilogy, Dark Moon is a fictional story about four Packs of Swift Foxes that live in a crater in the middle of the desert called the Sacred Circle. The main characters of the story are Flinx and Azumi from the Kitsune Pack, and Ryou and Inko from the Lishka Pack. Both Ryou and Flinx are the runts of their litter, and the shunned in their Pack, and they would do anything to obtain the respect they deserve. Both go through the training and trials required to become warriors and true foxes of their Pack. And both are part of a much bigger picture, an ominous prophecy that had been told for millennia in the Sacred Circle; having references to the Fire, Flinx, the Light, Azumi, and the Shadow, Ryou. But their similarities end there. Flinx is drawn closer and closer to his calling and discovering his role in the prophecy through the fox s major deity, Tek Alena, and discovers he is more than just a fox in the Kitsune Pack. However, Ryou is drawn into the shadows of evil by the God of deceit and revenge, Tale Kex, and he soon discovers that he is called to not just gain respect in his Pack, but to rule supreme above all four Packs in the Sacred Circle.

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