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Delicious Cottage Cheese Dishes from India

Length: 30 pages12 minutes


Cottage Cheese is called Paneer in Indian subcontinent. Spicy Cheese is also called Chili Cheese or Masala Cheese.

It happens to be a very delicious dish which can be eaten with bread slices, rotis, or parathas.

Delicious Cottage Cheese Dishes from India
Chapter One: Spicy Cheese (Paneer)
Chapter Two: Griddle Cheese (Paneer)
Chapter Three: Peas & Cheese
Chapter Four: Spinach Cheese (Paneer)
Chapter Five: Scrambled Cheese
Chapter Six: Cheese Sandwich
Chapter Seven: Cheese Balls Curry
Chapter Eight: Royal Cheese
Chapter Nine: Cream Cheese
Chapter Ten: Cheese Patties
Chapter Eleven: Royal Cheese Tikka
Chapter Twelve: Cheese Kebabs (Paneer Kebabs)

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