Most of reality is invisible. In a very real sense what we cannot see is much more important than what we can see. This is True Magic.

Our brains have evolved to keep out all but a minute aspect of reality – the visible.Everything in the universe is in motion – from electrons swirling around the nuclei of atoms to the earth hurtling through space at thousands of miles per hour. Of course we as conscious beings cannot “see” or feel the motion of matter. Nothing is at rest and nothing is solid – indeed atoms which make up “everything” we “see” are largely empty space, not dominated by “pieces” of anything.

The universe we perceive is like an amazing magic trick – the production of an appearance that is in some sense deceptive. The magic occurs in our perception – after all our senses tell is that there is a material world out there when in reality, what is really out there is a quantum soup of pure energy

It is the contention of this book that the four most important concepts which constitute reality are indeed invisible – and ultimately linked. They are Soul, Mind, Consciousness and God. It is argued that God, or Allah, or Brahma, or Buddha Consciousness, or the Source –The Mind Behind - is connected to you and the part of your Consciousness we refer to as Soul. Many people unfortunately are unaware of the True Magic that resides at the very centre of our being, the invisible immortal part of us that holds no judgement or fear, a place of awe and wonder which is linked with a greater Reality which some people call God.

Of course to many a scientistic (note not scientific) materialist account of everything constitutes the full story. Transcendent realities are illusory and imaginary. In fact throughout the twentieth century and beginning of the twenty first, a naturalist assumption has been integral to western culture – especially academia. To this day many take the doctrine of materialism to be established scientific facts, not just assumptions. This book argues that it is a fundamental error to see such assumptions are necessarily true. Wisdom, as Socrates said, begins in wonder, and it increases when we become aware of our pre suppositions and question them.

When we realize the errors in our thinking, let go of our attachments, transcend our limited sense of self, and discover the true nature of our being, then darkness will give way to light. The human heart must be touched by the magic of wonder. Yes God – the Mind Behind is invisible – but He performs all miracles. At the centre of our being is a space filled with the Godhead – a created Image of the One. The most evolved people in history – Buddha, Krishna, St Francis, Mother Teresa – and many more have given full expression of the True Magic within. Then there was the momentous time 2000 years ago, when He became one of us –the Uncreated Soul –The Mind Behind - residing within the man – Jesus Christ.

True Magic has been recognised by every spiritual tradition east and west and by many philosophers. It is also beginning to show itself in science. There is an Ultimate Reality, the Mind behind (God) – and there is a point in ourselves at which we touch that Ultimate Reality. This is the True Magic.

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