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Selected Short Stories Featuring Ghost Dust

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Hypotenuse: A detective and a witness become acquainted as he investigates the death of one of their neighbors.

Colossus: An arctic scientist explores the habitat of the Colossal Squid, and finds a secret even larger than the cagey mollusk.

Support: An Explosive Ordinance Disposal officer connects with his family as he wrestles with an especially difficult day in Iraq.

Something to Say: A forensic tech examines the body of a woman murdered outside a police station.

Why There Are No More Dragons Or Unicorns: A father's tale of the last dragon and unicorn.

Turing's Test: A computer with a personality disorder mulls its own idiosyncratic existence with its human roommate.

Only Numan: A young man with a genetic predisposition toward unstable genes is given the opportunity to become a part of governmental experiments to develop superhumans.

Prisoners of War: A forensics anthropologist and a left-for-dead Marine track a war criminal, in post-war Vietnam.

Raider: A woman comes to grips with her own identity and mortality while breaking into an Egyptian pyramid.

Dante's Infirmity: An old man and his family struggle to preserve his humanity and independence navigating the medical establishment, as he approaches the end of his life.

The Ghost Club: Mr. Houdini and Mr. Doyle explore the question of life after death.

Suicide Spear: Humanity takes the battle to an alien homeworld's doorstep, after decades of a devastating war of attrition.

Hang Around: A cowboy, a Buddhist monk, and others relive the results of one choice.

Ghost Dust: A medical patient reflects on the aftermath of 9/11.

Bloody Hands: A community shares responsibility and blame after a young boy's call for help.

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