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First Light

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It’s the early 1970’s, time of the hippy revolution. It’s a time for peace! Long hair, blue jeans, make love not war! The Idea was great, but the actual outcome of some of the drugged out people, well lets say, it did not work too well. Like having a beautiful puzzle with a few pieces missing. I know, in the small town where I lived, just 50 miles from Detroit, we were always up on the latest fads and lifestyles. Music was a big thing! We all listened to the latest rock bands and what They had to say. Jimmy Hendrix “ This is my life and I’ll do as I want to”, “Imagine” Peace on Earth, by John Lennon, “Love the one your with” CSN, The Word by the Beatles, and Woodstock the movie and soundtrack. We had to know, what was the latest drugs, and who had what, and where to find them. Free love, ban the bra, and the thing was, to bounce around with everyone and anyone.“Make love not war”. I believed in peace and make love not war, John Lennon, and the better world. Unfortunately, it did not happen. There are more wars, more drugs on the streets and big brother is watching you! This e-book is my point of view through the lens.

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