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Holy Chicken Scratches

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Does Neal Harris, insurance investor for a faith-based insurance company, have any hope in finding a missing holy trinket? Does God exist, and could she have borrowed the trinket from a hapless group of seminarians? Will Neil always be unlucky around women, or can he develop a romance with the seminary administrator who is implicated in the trinket’s theft?

The Holy Chicken Scratches is a satire-mystery in the context of faith-based insurance. Neal Harris is an insurance adjuster with the Sacred Recluse Self-Insurance Group (SRSIG). While investigating the disappearance of a Holy Artifact he interacts with several eccentric religious groups who had access to it. Neal gets into several humorous conflicts as he tries to resolve this case and save human society from the calamity of a take-over by the Wire Transfer-Lemonade Cartel. This is the beginning of a series of stories which are tied together by a romantic comedy background subplot.
27 chapters, Approx. 59,000 words

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