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The Inner Man

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This book is about the human being in its entirety as present in the scripture to enable Christian believers to understand the work of salvation in Christ Jesus. Understandably it is a common knowledge that mankind consists of three components, which are spirit, soul and body, or spirit, mind, and body, but not many understand the spiritual implication of these components with regard to God's divine plan to rescue us from His wrath and destruction. Obviously we all understand what the body stands for, but not what the new testament writers refer to as the flesh; we may also have an idea of what the soul, mind, and spirit stands for but not what Jesus meant by the heart, or apostle Paul's teaching on the inner man, the inner person, or the inner being. Many may have settled for the conception of a person's ghost, trapped or entrapped somewhere in the galaxy yet lack the understating of God's creation of human being.To a modern day person, the heart is an organ which pulls blood into body cells, thereby enabling us to be a living or life being. Thus it is confusing when God told prophet Ezekiel that He will remove the stony heart and replace it with a heart of flesh. It is even more confusing when Jesus said that evil thoughts come from the heart. Another spiritual concept in the New Testament is that of the conscience, which origin is not fully understood in the light of the gospel and our sinful nature. Peradventure some Christians may have come to grip with the fact that man's form has an inner being, yet unable to link scriptural facts together in a spiritual manner. This is where this book comes with some assistance. Its aim is to grant some spiritual understandings as to the function of each component, and the divine steps taken to rescue each from evil and sins, in order to restore man back to its original form at creation. According to Apostle Paul all that matters is 'new creation'; and the Christian believer is a 'new creation' in Christ Jesus.

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