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Hunting Werewolves in Miami

267 pages4 hours


When something lurks in the dark, and blood has been shed. Some detectives follow procedure. If something is killing people and a police officers sidearm is unable to injure it. Then you want Detective Michael Hund on it's trail, and you don't want to question his methods.

Authors note: Some characters & events you will expect and enjoy. Others you feel virtuous for taking an instant dislike. The way situations evolve and characters adapt does sometimes even surprise the author.
Like most people I am fascinated by the concept
that there are other apex predators besides man the weapon user. One of the decisions is how to treat the motivations of this other group and what will we decide are their strengths and weaknesses.

Not many tree and no endangered species lost their lives in the production of this manuscript.
It's a novel about werewolves that lurk in the dark it allows scope for both sex and violence.
I hope this novel is as much fun to read as it was to write.
Powered by caffeine and sugar.

Michael Joy

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