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Open Your Eyes and Let Life In

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Does God exist?

Many people question this. Within the pages of this book I will present to you photographs, which I believe, are proof of God’s existence and a gift to us all. I have the negatives to back them up.

I can tell you my story only as a Christian. I hope no matter what religion fills your heart, my story will inspire you to seek God and to grow spiritually. I have been asked by people who know me, “Do you really want to tell people your story and what you have done?” My answer is yes. If I can help one person wake up and become aware of God’s presence in their life, then it has all been worth it.

Have you ever come to a point in your life when you just had to stop what you were doing and take a different path? That is what I did. In June 2000 I had come as close to dying, a physical death, as a person could. I had hurt the ones who loved me. I know that only through time can I make amends to them, daily. I had become a slave of addiction, to drugs. In the beginning, the high was so great and fun because I was escaping myself. When it turns into an addiction, it becomes a living hell, one so bad that you could not imagine it in your worst nightmare. Fun no longer existed.

I believe the photographs are a blessing, a gift, to prepare us for His coming. In order for us to purify ourselves, take an inventory of our life and claim the love, peace, and joy promised to each one of us. Remember, “...No One knows the time or day when God will return not even the Son...” I believe the photographs are a wake-up call to truly let us know there is so much more, to give us hope, strengthen our faith and raise our minds and hearts to know the love of God in our everyday life. They are to allow us to realize and believe He is truly with us, not in a far off land, but here now. If we open our hearts and let God in, we will become conscious and aware of His presence.

I asked God to use me, and He did. I only take credit for being an instrument and holding the camera.

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