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My Victory: A Guide to Quitting Smoking and Not Starting Again.

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You quit after every cigarette, but how to keep yourself from starting again?

You are reading these words, which means that you are considering the fact that you need to quit smoking, once and for all. Perhaps you have already tried, perhaps you have only now started thinking about it, in either case you must be aware of how many people try to quit and do not quite succeed. In past years, through many different resources, we are “programmed” to think that smoking is a disease, a disease that can only barely be cured through a multitude of medicines and supplements such as: patches, gum, pills and the etc. Massive pharmacological companies produce these various expensive medical products that are supposed to “help” you to quit smoking, and yet the amount of people that manage to quit are very few compared to the amount that try and fail. Many believe that by buying these “magical” medicines they will be able to cure this “disease.” This booklet gives you just one rule, and outlines five simple steps, through which you will be able to easily, and efficiently, quit. Think to yourself, how much are you willing to pay for a system that will guide you to a smoke-free life? A hundred dollars? A thousand? How about $7.99? You are quite literally a step away from that system, a simple system which will save you thousands of dollars during your life, and will assist you in changing your lifestyle. The booklet is easy to read, does not insult the willpower or the intelligence of the reader, and treats each individual as an INDIVIDUAL, while doing it's utmost to assist them.

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