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Gone Hunting: and other short stories of Vardin

62 pages40 minutes


John Henry saw a healer touch a dying child and the little girl walk away. Rhiannon de Alyón is a Vardin hunter with orders to ensure his silence. She failed to reckon the price she would have to pay to succeed.

A hunt gone wrong, a child’s uncontrollable power manifested, and a horror about to be unleashed. A young hunter, Pesheneh, must join her father and his team to rescue the child from capture and her nation’s secrets from being revealed.

Born in a land hidden and separated from the rest of Europe by the Barrier, Casal is caught between two sides of her heritage. Will she bind herself to the land as a Guardian—or do the dangerous work of the Hunters who cross the Barrier?

Three stories of hunters with fantastic powers and the Barrier between two worlds.

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