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Some Sci-Fi for the Stage

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It is difficult to write a stage play in a science fiction setting, but with a bit of creative back stage work these two one act plays should satisfy some of the fans out there.

The Astro Repair Shop.

When space travel becomes commonplace the need for shops to repair these space vessels will become vital as well. This play is set in an orbiting asteroid with three service bays and no waiting. Vanessa Xanachrome and Winston Samaroon see to that. But the ship that is Vanessa’s pet project will save them when an errant tug collides with the shop.

The Arcade Warrior.

In a small town arcade Peter Bently enters a multi-player full immersion game with players from around the world. When one of his fellow players asks for his help in escaping from another country he must figure out how to change the game into a matter transfer portal (or transporter, if you prefer) while his team-mates continue their game.

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