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Family Thais

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A middle aged Englishman, married to a Thai he hardly ever sees, embarks on an explosively physical affaire with a young Thai mother of two.Despite visiting the girl’s parents’ place many times, he never gets to see where she lives and has suspicions about that.A year into their affaire she becomes pregnant, seemingly for him, but though the dates on the CTC scan are tantalisingly close, they don’t quite seem to match the dates he could have fathered the child.Then, while dozing, nursing her sick two-year old, she gets caught in a drugs raid. A victim of the harsh Thai law that anyone found in the same room as more than 3.9 grams of Class A drug is automatically charged with possession with intent to sell.5 months pregnant, denied bail, locked up inside the notorious Klong Prem prison facing 2 – 4 years, there is only one way to get her out.That involves the Englishman’s previous Thai girlfriend, now a lance corporal in the Royal Thai Police, and still in love with him.

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