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They Rose to Life: And You Can Too!

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A Synopsis of “They Rose to Life – And You Can Too!"
by Doug Vermeulen

Overcoming death is a common Christian theme. This short booklet takes a new look at this theme, by emphasising the sheer complexity and sophistication of the process. In so doing it helps to sharpen our view of God’s genius and power. Ezekiel’s ‘valley of bones’ vision is used by the author to bring these capabilities to life in the mind’s eye.
Building on the exploration of God’s capabilities, the author then explores his character. This particular God’s loving nature is revealed, specifically His approach to expressing that love through His son Christ Jesus.
In the third and last phase, the booklet moves beyond the individual Christian’s relationship with God and examines his relationship with fellow Church members, illustrated using the classic ‘body of Christ’ metaphor.
The main character’s are Christ, the individual and his fellow man. The ongoing conflict is clear from the outset; however it also clear that it is not a short lived conflict, but one that has spanned thousands of years. It’s the ultimate story, one that deals with the entire history of man and the conflicts and questions that have plagued him since the genesis.
Who created us? Who controls our lives? Why are we sinful? How is the broken relationship with God healed? Who initiated the solution to the relationship problem? What was the cost of the solution?
All of these questions are answered in this booklet, using powerful imagery sourced from the Bible itself. Specific Bible verses underpin the answers, ensuring the reader is given God’s view rather than mans.
Brief, powerful and life-changing, “They Rose to Life” is invaluable to both the new convert and the life-long Christian.

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