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Belle Slaughter 3: Five Belles to Hell

191 pages2 hours


It’s 1866 and the Civil War is over.
The night is dark and there is a whisper of death and misadventure in the oppressive mist-laden air as five evil men come calling on a lone plantation building and its solitary mistress.
In the dislocated aftermath of the war, Lomas Bell still saddened by the death of Kirby Langstrom and disenchanted by life as a Pinkerton agent has returned to his old occupation as town marshal. He receives a disturbing letter and must give up his lawman’s ways for a spell. Lomas undertakes a journey back down memory lane to the South he once knew and where he must confront a terrible event that cuts to the bone and calls for a speedy response.
In far off Washington even as she is set up to gather intelligence in a fancy bordello, Belle Slaughter is still on the trail of Xavier Bond, the head honcho of the secret organization known as the Knights of the Golden Circle. Allen Pinkerton advises Belle and her trained team of five beauties to use all their cunning and sexual whiles to discover word on a special gold loaded shipment that looks to be a prime target for the Circle.
But there is another lost soul from the past waiting in the sidelines. Someone that will bring Belle and Lomas together in a bloody and explosive climax, not only for sweet revenge but also a chance to target the roots of the subversive organization that threatens the new Union.
Third in the exciting new Western series from Tony Masero.

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