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Cherry Soda Cowboy

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It’s the middle of the Twenty-First Century and all sugary soft drinks have been outlawed throughout the country. Cars are electric, vans have three wheels, and all commercial TV is streamed through the Internet. But guys are still cruising and meeting each other on the down low. In spite of the fact that gay marriage is now legal, we have our first lesbian President, and there’s been a cure for AIDS, there’s just something about the element of danger involved with cruising state parks that some men can’t seem to shake no matter how hard they try. And now that sugary soft drinks are illegal and considered dangerous substances of abuse, it’s even more exciting to cruise with a can of soda concealed in a brown paper bag. When one quiet, attractive young man from Montana goes looking for this kind of excitement early one morning at a state park, it never occurs to him he’ll meet the cherry soda cowboy of his dreams.

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