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The Reincarnation of Zeus: Why 40% of Americans Don't Vote

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Approximately 40% of Americans don’t vote and as much as half of the remaining 60% are completely in the dark. Large population states such as Florida, New York and California dominate our national elections, frustrating Middle America. Certainly the conscientious but meager 30% who persist can’t influence policies without winning elections! Politicians and the national media have deliberately confounded our citizenry in order to promote their own private, salacious agendas justified by lurid, sensational reasoning. Noteworthy to many, our founders provided us with Constitutional ways to oversee these predictably evolutionary processes; transcending even political affiliations. This book portrays many of the more fanciful ways that our government is run from behind closed doors, who is in bed with whom and a multitude of other dark secrets the average person wouldn’t even think of. It comes at a time when Washington, D.C. seems more bewildering with each passing day; which is to say that the clandestine psychology of politics may turn the 40% into an even higher number unless people ultimately come to terms with certain modern day truths.

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