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Ultimate Intimacy

57 pages39 minutes


When you are in a relationship filled with great passion and even greater sex, you want it to last.

Over time, the heat cools and the passion and intimacy fades. How do you keep the intimacy intense?

Sexual chemistry and intense passion can be difficult to sustain, and spending years having unsatisfying sex can be unbearable.

"Ultimate Intimacy" serves as a foundation which you can build the necessary components of your sex life upon.

Each chapter of this book serves as an ideal reminder for you to discover new levels of passion in your relationship, and to ensure the intimacy meter is always turned up.

Written by Phoenix Relationship Coaching’s Expert Coach Ruby Binns-Cagney with easy to follow and implement advice, Ultimate Intimacy is guaranteed to keep you active for the rest of your life – and not just between the bed covers.

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