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Island Warrior

168 pages2 hours


John “JB” Bauer is off to Maui to watch his only granddaughter get married. Upon arrival, JB and his wife, Marney, decide to relax on the beach. The sun is shining, the breeze is warm, and life is grand...until a freak tsunami wave brings in a giant tiger shark. The beach turns into a bloodbath!

JB and friends analyze a video they’ve taken of the carnage and realize the people killed on the beach were targeted. This was no random shark attack.

Death follows the Bauer group wherever they go, and JB realizes the beast may now be after him. An old native Hawaiian fisherman warns them of the Shark God of Molokai: a part man, part shark, bloodthirsty creature hell bent on annihilation.

Their investigation continues and when JB and friends decide to hunt down the thirty-foot monster, they realize they’ve bitten off more than they can chew!

This is the third novel in the John Bauer Mystery series. It'll have you at the edge of your seat!

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