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From Confusion To Clarity: Vital Personal Growth in 30 Days or Less

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Our lives are filled with opportunities and challenges. Sometimes we feel sad, angry, and misunderstood because we lack the clarity needed to understand our own lives in a way that makes sense. With the loss of her son while living abroad, Harvey battled depression, confusion, and isolation. However, her understanding of life and the way in which she experiences people, circumstances and events was powerfully transformed as she developed a profound understanding through Divine connection within. Her explanation is clear and simple, presented in a friendly, approachable manner. Unlike other authoritative, moralizing approaches, Michele Harvey, an average woman with an everyday life, has found a reproducible path out of suffering and dilemma by tapping the personal Divine connection within. Avenues to healing are always present within you as well; you simply need to know how to access them and be open to receiving. You will better understand your life's purpose in the world. The poetic style of From Confusion to Clarity encourages introspection and the personal search for happiness and understanding. Harvey's straightforward text has a refreshing approach to the teachings of modern day spirituality, guiding readers to free themselves from confusion and to emerge with a vision for life that is far greater than ever seemed possible. The book's introduction is written by Conversations With God author, Neale Donald Walsch.

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