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The Pool Safety Bible

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Written by an expert in the Swimming Pools field, The Pool Safety Bible is packed with essential information and practical advice on safety around pools and water in general.

Pools can be great fun but they are also dangerous places. You should be aware that a pool is a potentially life-threatening hazard and plan to make it the safest place it can be. Mixing sun, water, hazardous chemicals, electricity and excited kids together raises all kinds of dangerous situations

Owning a pool comes with a lot of responsibilities. The Pool Safety Bible is packed with essential information to keep you and your loved ones safe - please download a copy and learn how to discharge those responsibilities and protect your family, friends and pets.

In the USA alone, hundreds of people, many of them kids under 4 years old, drown in backyard pools every year. Thousands more are admitted to Hospital Emergency Rooms for treatment following an 'immersion accident'.

Hundreds of thousands of others become infected or suffer falls, cuts, poisoning, electrocution, skin complaints and eye damage. Some of those folks become permanently disabled and others die from their injuries.

World-wide, the number of fatal drownings is even more shocking. The World Health Organization estimates that 388,000 people accidentally drown every year around the globe. That is more than 1000 deaths EVERY DAY!

The Pool Safety Bible covers dozens of different aspects of Pool Safety and teaches what you can do to make your own patch safe.

Subjects covered include transport, storage, use and handling of chemicals, explanations of the pros and cons of each type of Safety Barrier (and how to raise the money for Safety Equipment). From what to do in a chemical accident to where to learn CPR at zero cost.

Pretty much every day you can read another newspaper story about the tragic death of a toddler in a backyard pool. Or a river, a lake or a bathtub. Or a story about a teenager who is paralyzed from the neck down from a diving injury. Or someone who has damaged or lost their sight from a pool chemical burn.

Most pool accidents are predictable and therefore, to an extent, preventable. All that's needed is that those at risk, i.e. those that live around open water such as a pool, river, lake etc., learn the facts about Safety and learn what they can do to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The Pool Safety Bible is a valuable resource for pool-owners and pool-users alike. Please download a copy, read it and learn from it. Please also encourage others - whether they own their own pool or not - to download a copy and read it. By working together we (you and I and all our friends) can make a significant difference to the number of all pool-related accidents.

Thanks for reading; SWIM SAFE! Ken Walker

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