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Parallel Worlds: Keys of Heaven

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Parallel Worlds: Keys of Heaven
The paradigm of the keys is legislative in context considering Jesus set forth spiritual principle and law to govern the gifts. Gifts are dispensed as ostensible bi-product of salvation but even therein are levels of dispensation limiting license and permission to engage.

Operations in spirit simply manifest in dominion of flesh on a different time line. Activity within the hidden world of the heart impacts life decisions passing swiftly. Dynamic multidimensional layers exist in realms obscure to human sight. If we accept microscopic activity in the world of germs why would it be difficult to believe in the parallel worlds of the kingdom of heaven and domain of earth as connected?

There is parallel impact and effect in all that we do. Spirits are subject to us within authority issued by Emmanuel (God with us), Jesus Christ to disciples. This is our helmet of salvation . God was with us in order to speak certain laws into the earth to effect spiritual and temporal reality. These words shaped eternity giving specific entrée into Christ’s Kingdom.

Transitional Keys such as Forgiveness, Belief, and Confession act in progression with major keys and are employed at the same time. For instance, Forgiveness (transitional) impacts Prayer (major); Belief (major) affects the state of salvation while Confession (creative) corresponds with Faith (major).

There are additional creative keys which are subcategory and become actionable as we speak since our breath is spirit (Grk - pneuma). Either the Holy Spirit or his counterparts (evil spirits) are engaged as we speak life or death. So are the portals of heaven progressively opened when the heart, mouth and spirit are offered in agreement with God’s word. This harmonious progression is incomplete and discordant when one is offered absent the other.

There are two kingdoms in which man has authority to dwell and these are the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness. The Kingdom of Light has the Kingdom of Heaven under its umbrella and the Kingdom of Darkness impacts earth and is under direct power of Satan.
The kingdom of darkness operates strategically (principalities, powers, rulers of darkness) and preys on ignorance of the Body.

Unaware of spiritual activities that negatively impact mankind we are left open as fodder to this realm. This parallel world has a cloak of darkness hidden within the natural world where a hierarchy of spiritual wickedness eats us alive, Eph 6:12. Here’s a clue: War in the first, second and third heavens (spirit world) impact physical life.

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