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The Supernutrients Diet

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Most diets focus on cutting calories and eating less. The problem is, when you force yourself to eat less, you also tend to reduce your intake of nutrients. This sets up a cycle of denial, craving and bingeing. The weight comes off - and then piles on again once the diet is finished.

The Supernutrients Diet is quite different. Food intake is controlled, but not drastically reduced. Instead, the focus is on adding in fresh, nutritious food - so much of it that you should never feel hungry. By drinking regular green smoothies and eating raw fruit and vegetables the body gets what it has really wanted for so long, and the cravings for fatty, sugary processed food start to subside.

This is not an endurance test - you can have meat, fish, dairy, coffee, tea or even alcohol if you like, but in smaller amounts.

Sticking to the diet will require a bit of discipline and organisation, but if you keep to the programme, you should really start to enjoy it. You'll look better and you'll feel better. You might even decide you want to keep eating like this forever.

The book includes a description of how the author developed the diet and lost two stone. There is also advice on how to do the diet, seven day-long eating plans and a selection of recipes.

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