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Rose of Steele

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Garrett Steele is an undercover operative for Clandestine Operations. His assignment is to root out the discrepancies at Blackthorn Ltd. He's just finishing his assignment when everything falls apart. He barely escapes with his life and since it appears his cover is blown he is forced to take a vacation. Vacation isn't a word in Garrett's dictionary. His complicated past has made him focus on work and forget about relationships or life outside of work. With few friends and no idea of what to do with the forced time off, he gets in touch with his only real friend and co-worker and sets off to Colorado.

Unknown to Garrett he is about to run into the one person he would rather not see. Carly Rose. Carly Rose is the little sister of his best friend William and one of the reasons Garrett has never been able to commit to a relationship.

Carly Rose has grown up since she last saw Garrett at seventeen. She's no longer a teenager with a crush on her brother's college roommate; she's the owner of the Wild Rose bar.

When the two meet once again, old sparks are ready to flame but a number of "accidents" involving both Garrett's last assignment and Carly's bar being threatened may douse them before they get a chance to ignite. It's a race against time that takes Garrett from New York to Colorado and back again in an effort to save his job and Carly's life.

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