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Udder Exposure (Lactation Erotica)

38 pages33 minutes


Desperate for extra-credit to pass her sociology course, college student Tamara agreed to participate in her Professor's anti-animal cruelty demonstration.

But she never expected that she'd be milked like a real cow in front of the whole town!

Thrill as the Professor's wild machinations turn poor Tamara into a milk-geysering cow-girl!

This incredibly hot, breast-obsessed 9,000 word erotic story includes multiple scenes of extreme public humiliation, public forced milking, induced lactation, vacuum pumps and milking machines, and insanely over-the-top breast expansion of epic proportions!


Before she could protest, the saddle was tipped forward and she suddenly found herself helplessly leaning out with her big pink tits hanging freely in the open air. Her heavy cowbell swung from her neck, just barely grazing across the tops of her plump melons, its loud clang drawing even more unwanted attention to her chest.

She looked down at the rest of the machine below her swinging rack. Four large clear plastic cylinders were laid out, detached vacuum hoses wrapped around each. She knew exactly what diabolical purposes they were designed for.

Staring in dread at the milking tubes, she suddenly became fully aware of just how vulnerable her breasts now were; how perfectly displayed they would be once she was back outside in front of the hoard of townspeople. And aware that with her arms bound behind her, she could do nothing to cover or protect her poor tits from the indignities that were soon to come.

Tamara took a deep breath, decided that now was the time to tell the Professor enough was enough. She'd already done a lot to earn her extra-credit, but this milking machine was a step too far.

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