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A Killer Design

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Karla Bannister had worked hard to become an interior designer. In order to be known as a professional in Georgia, Karla must qualify to take a two day exam. Karla has the education and after completing three more supervised projects she will have the 3500 plus hours to take the exam.
Karla has minimal problems with one project and major problems with the other two. One major problem is the murder of Clarice Garrison’s husband Matt. Clarice and Karla find Matt’s body and Clarice is a suspect murder. There is nothing like a murder to hold up your career progress. There is nothing like being murdered to hold up your life’s progress.
Meet Karla Bannister a middle aged woman working on her second career. Her career in her dream job may become a nightmare.
Karla may not live to complete her required hours to become a professional interior design if she doesn’t use her wit and whatever comes in handy.
In the first of a series of Karla Bannister mysteries learn how Karla got started.

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