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Amid the standing stones of Anglesey, Wales, Kate meets a seductive woman who offers Kate teasing moments of pure passion—then disappears with catlike ease.

To win the enchanting Annie, Kate must face dark magic, set right a centuries’-old wrong—and, even more frightening, confront her own past.

The ancient power of the stones can turn a woman into a cat, but is it strong enough to guide Kate to her heart’s desire?

An intoxicating lesbian paranormal erotic short story from one of the masters of the genre.

"Windswept cliffs, fogbound villages, and moonlight on standing stones; the Welsh isle of Anglesey would seem mystical even if American anthropologist Kate Williams weren’t bound to it by blood and her own intense connection to the earth. She finds much more in this land of her ancestors than healing for a bruised heart, and Sophie Mouette tells her story of magic and lust and timeless love with just the right blend of fantasy, reality, and hot-to-the-core sex." (Sacchi Green, Editor of Lambda Award Winner Lesbian Cowboys)

Author of the 4-star (Romantic Times) novel Cat Scratch Fever and many short stories, Sophie Mouette creates romantic erotica and erotic romance with heat, heart, and humor—and no gender boundaries. Sophie is the brainchild of two widely published authors of erotica, romance, and speculative fiction. The two halves of Sophie—Dayle A. Dermatis and Teresa Noelle Roberts—met more than decade ago at a writers' conference. Talking nonstop, they closed down the hotel bar and went somewhere else to keep on talking. Although they've always lived on opposite sides of the country (and for a few years, on opposite sides of the Atlantic), they've remained close friends and critique partners, and it was only natural that they should start writing together as well. The seeds for “Catalyst” were sown while the two writers were indulging in a shared passion: touring sacred sites in Wales. Visit for more information.

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