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Third Rainbow

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Beta Masterson is having trouble sleeping. So much so that he can barely function in his waking life. The firewall program he designed to keep his nightmares at bay isn’t working anymore, and the demons that haunt his bad dreams have begun to appear in the real world.

With the demons systematically destroying the world around him, Beta can’t help but feel the universe is out to get him. Like he is being intentionally hunted for no good reason. He knows the three perpetual rainbows that only he can see are an omen, that when they finally complete their journey across the sky something monumental is going to happen. Maybe it’s time for him to turn the tables on the universe, no matter what the repercussions.

Third Rainbow is a time opera about how far a man will go to change his life, told from the vantage point of a demon called the Narrator on a quest to escape hell.

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