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An old man wanders into the desert, a sack of bulbs and plant cuttings on his back. He is looking for a place to end his days, somewhere away from his fellow man where, in isolation, he can build the most magnificent of gardens.

The desert is a haunting place - windswept and barren, lonely and brutal. Animals come here to die, collapsing on the arid soil to bake beneath the fiery orb of the sun.

When the old man finds a gigantic crater, and divines the presence of underground water nearby, he know that he has found the place to build his Eden.

He fills the crater with water to create a lake and digs irrigation channels deep into the desert. He kills the sickly animals and bleeds them into the ground. Fed and watered, the ground slowly changes, and one day the old man wakes to find a tiny red flower growing in the sand.

It has begun.

But Eden's are always flawed. One day, something terrible falls from the sky and lands in the lake, an abomination of nature that threatens the balance of the new ecosystem.

The old man can learn to live with the Lake Beast, but something far more terrible is coming.... the Ruiner.

The animals will flee before it in terror.
The garden will be awash with blood.

A horror story unlike anything you have read before.

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