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In Search of Evil

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An evil President decides to use Solitaire as his personal executioner, but he hasn’t reckoned with the power of the organization or the determination of the man. He is about to find out that Solitaire is not so easily used if the events the President began don’t cause a world war first.

However, before Solitaire can search out this evil he has to overcome his own past. His memory of anything beyond the present necessities of life is now gone and his wife is afraid that someday he won’t return, not because he is dead, but because he forgot her and their children. He is slowly sinking into a mindless oblivion. He can’t help himself and Virginia has given up trying. She doesn’t know the secrets of his past and doesn’t have the key to his mind, but someone does and thanks in part to the very evil Solitaire seeks, someone is about to unlock a lot of unpleasant memories that Solitaire had always thought were better off forgotten.

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