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Scientific Theory of God “proof that God exists”

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Today’s world is filled with doubt or even total disbelief that God really exists. Scientists say there is no scientific evidence of a Creator, and many of us are trying to cope with what we think is a meaningless existence. We have learned to trust science, but we don’t want this to be all there is, so we find hope in our religious faith. However, religion is the worship of God—not scientific proof of God—so we are caught between two very conflicting worldviews...
...and our doubts about God won’t go away.
What isn’t realized is that—contrary to what we are taught in school—science actually does prove God’s existence. Scientific Theory of God breaks down the walls between science and faith and reveals an understanding of God based on scientific proof.
For the most part, the twenty-first century scientific community bases their foundation upon their claim that the universe came from nothing and that it mysteriously—and instantly—came into existence. This process is less formally known as the Big Bang theory. Most mainstream scientists would have you believe that you are an accident of nature lost in time and place without help and...without hope—purposeless!
Scientific Theory of God throws off the scientific veil of confusion by researching some of the greatest minds in physics, including the theories of Sir Issac Newton, to uncover the truth:
You are not an accident. You are not insignificant. You have an ultimate purpose designed just for you.
Take an impactful and revolutionary look at the many convincing proofs of God’s existence. Now, it is time to discover that each person is at the center of a divine heart—a dynamic and personable God. A higher Being who has not only designed the universe, but also oversees a specific reality created for each individual.
Scientific Theory of God delves into the difficult questions that have pondered mankind for centuries regarding the universe, humanity’s purpose, and God’s existence. Learn how the answer has been under scientist’s noses for hundreds of years, as this work delivers the scientific proofs to revolutionize the concepts of the universe, man’s relationship to God, and his journeys through this life and into the next.
This book has the power to change your life.

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