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English, Topic-Based Tests, Pre-Intermediate Level, Fluency Practice

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This collection of tests for pre-intermediate level students is a new step in learning English. The main principle on which the tests are based is the combination of grammatical and lexical control with the development of one’s speaking skills. These tests are designed to expose students to English as spoken by native speakers in a wide range of situations. This is great fun and easy way to learn, removing a lot of unnecessary hard work that often goes into learning a language. Take something simple and use it in a variety of contexts and you will find that understanding grows surprisingly rapidly and easily. The volume is a part of Fluency Practice series for pre-intermediate students which includes three books Fifty Examination Topics (Level 2), Dialogues and Summaries (Level 2), Topic-Based Tests (Level 2), and Black Jack Comes Back (Level 1-2) – an application for smartphones and computers.

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