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Fun Size #4 Taking Control

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In the fourth installment of the Fun Size series, Nick takes Tammy out on a date. They use their time together to establish-without a doubt-who is in charge. She tired her hand at teasing him and gaining the upper hand but can she handle it?

This title contains material that is not suitable for minors.


The sun left long streaks of red and gold behind it on the water as Nick followed Tammy to her place. When Tammy hopped out of her car, she dashed to her apartment. Nick barely caught sight of which door was hers before it slammed shut. He stood outside and contemplated what to do.

As he raised his hand to knock, it swung open. A streak of curly red hair and bare flesh disappeared into the dark interior as the door swung open. Nick stepped in to the dimly lit room and called out “Tammy? Tammy are you there?”

A muffled, “I’ll be right out,” came from somewhere in the back.
The room was simple and elegant. It was feminine without being frilly or girly. It suited Tammy and showed a real sense of style. Nick knew the pieces were knock-offs, but they showed an appreciation for the classics. He was about to sit when he heard, “What are you doing?”

The red curls were back. “I'm taking Tammy out to dinner. She wanted to change before we want out,” Nick said. “Who are you?”

Nick had to work hard to keep his eye on the girl’s face as she walked over to shake his hand. It was hard to do. Her breasts didn’t jiggle as she walked. They were far too big for that. Instead, they rolled back and forth on her chest stretching the thin wife-beater one direction then the other. Her chiseled features and flawless bone structure seemed out of place with the mass of curls and freckles that dusted her nose and cheeks. She shook Nick's hand and told him, “I’m Wanda, Tammy’s roommate.”

When her hair fell in her eyes, Nick took the chance to look her up and down. Her tiny waist and hips were wrapped in a pair of painted-on shorts that showed off her fit legs and a deep groove between her slim thighs. “You’re the guy from the store,” Wanda added. “The one who owns the house on the beach, right?”

“Yeah,” Nick answered. “Well, no. I’m staying on the beach. I re-modeled the house for some friends. They’re due in town this weekend.”

Nick was about to say more when Tammy came in and said, “I’m ready.”

A simple black dress hugged Tammy's curves and made Nick’s mouth water. She’d tied her hair up and left little tendrils hanging around her face and neck. The way it framed her cute face looked sophisticated. “You look...delicious,” he said quietly.

Tammy blushed as Wanda interjected, “That sounds like a fun way to start the night. Any chance you guys want some company?”

Before Nick could respond, Tammy said, “No. He’s all mine tonight.” Nick shrugged as Wanda pouted. Tammy gave the tall girl a smoldering kiss and added, “Maybe another night.” The heat between the two women left Nick speechless.

Nick eyes were glued to Tammy's butt as he followed her out. He held the door for her as she slid into the car. A flash of black lace peaked between her thighs as she settled into the soft seat. Nick asked, “You aren’t wearing panties, are you?”

Tammy nodded silently. Without saying a word, Nick held out his hand and waited for her to hand them over. Tammy’s eyes darted back and forth before she focused on Nick’s face and pulled the slip of fabric out from under her skirt.

This time, Nick got more than a flash of thigh but he never took his eyes off hers. The gusset was damp in his palm as he said, “I’ll be right back.” He tapped on the door and gave them to Wanda. “Would you mind holding on to these for Tammy?” he asked.

A wicked smile spread on Wanda’s face as she said, “It’ll be my pleasure – and I’m betting yours too.”

Nick gave her a peck on the cheek and said, “Nice to meet you, Wanda.” He let his eyes roam over her figure and added, “I hope to se

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