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Eternity: Emergence (The Calnis Chronicles of the Tarimain: Chronicle 1)

51 pages37 minutes


Life is Hard. Eternal Life is Impossible

Having escaped an ambush, Luke must discover who, or what, is controlling the police. But is he willing to put his recently discovered immortality on the line for his new allies?
The second Chronicle in the Tarimain series.

Word count ~8000.

The Calnis Chronicles

The once great realm of Calnis lies in ruins. Few know of its existence except in fairy tales and myths. Older even than the nation itself is the ancient power that still lies beneath the capital​—​a power that must never be wielded.

Today the nation's legacy lives on through the Tarimain, immortal soldiers fighting for the good of all existence. But the forces of Hell are intent on reigniting the war that began before time itself. A war between Gods and Mortals that will lay waste to the Twelve Worlds.

The Calnis Chronicles is a series of novels, short stories, and other ephemera. The main collection will consist of four series.

Rise of the Emissary
Prophets foretell the arrival of the Devil’s Emissary. He will topple nations upon his arrival, and his power will cloak the world in darkness. Fate has recruited a solitary girl to ward off this destruction. First, though, she needs to confront her ideas of reality.
A series of three stand alone books. Each one chronicles the life of a particular character, and their importance to this pivotal stage of history.

The Calnis Chronicles of the Tarimain
The Tarimain, immortal soldiers tasked with fighting on the front lines of the eternal war uncover a dark demonic plot to raise an army. As Earth approaches a worldwide war, they hunt a Great President of Hell, and the mysterious Man with the Eyes.
A series of short stories that follow on from one another, and are collected in volumes of ten.

J R C Salter was born in the English Westcountry in the mid-Eighties, the first child of Karen and David, and he has two brothers and one sister.

He trained and practiced as a chef for many years, and now he works as a barista while publishing books on the side, with the aim of becoming a full time author.

He still likes to cook, and enjoys baking cookies, as well as reading, coding, and making giant Star Wars models from Lego.
He currently lives in the small town of Cullompton in Devon, and his main inspirations are Tolkien, and the works of Joss Whedon.

‘You let one get away,’ the Man said, as Harrison went to his drawer, avoiding the eyes as much as he could.
‘He will be found,’ Harrison answered. He took out the book and opened it. He wrote the names of each prisoner, their crimes, and other details. It was a mark of his fear and anger that he made three mistakes. Looking up and across his desk, he saw his letter opener sitting beside a pile of unopened letters. It was not the first time he had this thought, but he had never carried it out. His eyes looked to his right and out of the corners, he saw the Man with his back turned to him. He slowly took hold of the letter opener and turned. He saw the Man observing the noticeboard full of details from his latest cases. Harrison slowly took a step towards him, the letter opener, cold to the touch, grasped tightly in his hand.
Harrison reached up, and the Man turned around to look into his eyes. The sergeant forgot his assassination, lost in the fiery abyss of the other man’s eyes.
The Man calmly took Harrison’s hand and removed the makeshift weapon. ‘You had better find him. If you don’t, you know the consequences.’

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