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Emergence: Mortality (The Calnis Chronicles of the Tarimain Book 1)

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The first short story of the Calnis Chronicles of the Tarimain

The only thing worse than dying is never having it as an option.

The Tarimain, the immortal soldiers of God, tasked with fighting on the front lines of the eternal war, uncover a dark demonic plot to raise an army. Atharron, a four thousand year old former ruler of Calnis; Sarah, apathetic, but determined to do her duty; and Luke, a young Tarimai discovering the wonders and burdens of immortality. Together, they make their way through the first half of the twentieth century on the trail of a Great President of Hell and the mysterious Man with the Eyes.

Plymouth, England, 1887

When his friend's wife is murdered by a monstrous wolf, Luke seeks it out to avenge her death, but is arrested for the killings. His only hope to avoid the noose is a mysterious woman who claims to be immortal.
Set a hundred years before 'Allison's Defeat', this chronicle begins the story of the beings known as the Tarimain.

~7300 words

‘I’ve seen hundreds of people die. Thousands. And, I think it would be fair to say, millions. Everyone I knew, everyone I loved, died centuries ago. I have fought in battles and watched as my friends were slaughtered. I witnessed the Emissary of Satan himself destroy an entire civilisation in one blast. Everyone dies. Mary knew the moment of her death​—​which is rare enough in itself​—​and I am powerless to stop it. I can no longer get worked up about the inevitability of it all.’ She walked out the warehouse, rifle held down in a ready position, ‘In fact, I envy it.’

UK author JRC Salter trained as a chef and practiced for ten years before quitting to pursue a writing career. His epic series, the ‘Calnis Chronicles’, depict the adventures of different characters surrounding a mysterious artefact.
As well as his main Calnis series, he has collaborated with authors such as Russell Blake and Brandon Hale to produce the themed anthologies ‘End of the Road’ and ‘The Kiss’.
During any spare time, he likes to dabble in photography, build giant Star Wars models from Lego, and make cookies. J has an unhealthy thirst for knowledge, and has been known to waste time on Wikipedia and YouTube.
His main inspirations are JRR Tolkien and Joss Whedon.

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