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Full Frontal Daddy: a Father-Daughter Romance

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Angela was a mistake-- her mom told her so. Mom had been just 15 when she got knocked up by a boy who she never heard from again. All men are like that, Mom says. They just want one thing, and Angela had better not give it to them if she ever expects to get married.

All Mom ever taught her was that sex, nudity, and anything to do with human bodies is evil and disgusting. So what is a newly-married girl, just 19 years old, supposed to do in bed with the young man she loves? Angela doesn't have a clue and her marriage is falling apart. Lucky for her, she has a step-father she adores. He's now divorced from Mom and he welcomes her to his home in the high California desert, eventually leading to some hands-on advice.

This is an erotic story, full of love and romance and sex between a father and daughter. It's a long novella, more than 30,000 words, so there's lots of buildup with many erotic stops along the way,

CAUTION: This is an erotic daddy-daughter romance, with very explicit descriptions of sex and nudity. It's quite taboo, so it's not for everybody. I hope it's for you.

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