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Coveting Thy Neighbor’s Trophy Wife: Part 4

51 pages48 minutes


“Coveting thy Neighbor’s Trophy Wife: Part 4” is the final installment of Edward Daniels’ “Coveting” series. Proving that life in a secluded New York lake town isn’t anywhere near as dull as people think, the erotic escapades of Kelly, Anne, Laura, and Jack mean that there is adventure at every turn – as long as you know where to find it. They say an amazing sex life is the cornerstone of a good relationship. Find out how true that is, especially when three twenty-something girls consider you their own personal sex toy.

This book contains highly explicit descriptions of oral sex, masturbation, lesbian sex, threesomes, and more. If you are offended by sexual material or not of legal age to view it, please do not purchase this book.

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