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School of Scandals

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Welcome to Richfield High School - one of the most prestigious international schools located in the heart of sunny Singapore.

Take a stroll in this school that’s reserved solely for the richest, most privileged – and dare we say spoilt - students that hail from all around the world. Have a roam around the lush green campus which has state-of-the-art-facilities that would quite easily put any other schools in Singapore to shame. Explore the school grounds a little; have a quick sniff and poke around here and there. Chances are, if you linger around long enough, you might just discover some of the deep, dark, and sordid secrets and scandals that lie hidden behind the closed doors of the school.

Have you wondered about what the headmistress is really hiding behind that cool and calm façade?

Could the discipline master be secretly hoarding a scandal that could rock the school if it gets exposed?

Just what are some of the questionable things that the not-so-innocent students get up to once the last bell has rung for the day?

Go on, take a look around Richfield High School, a school that’s truly like no other. You might just realize that in this school everyone has a scandal to tell and a juicy secret to share...

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