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The Joshua Book

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Joshua ben Joseph

Jesus’ name in Hebrew is Yeshua. Due to the subtleties of translation, the name Yeshua became Iēsoûs in Greek – pronounced Yesu’os. The us was added on in keeping with the naming custom of the time – as in Marcus or Barnabus. This in turn became Jesus when translated into English, which is how he is known in the Western world to this day.

A much more accurate translation of his name is Joshua. His earthly father's name was Joseph, so he was Joshua ben Joseph – that is, Joshua son of Joseph or Yeshua ben Yesuf in his mother tongue.

A great idea is worth repeating and Joshua had some really great ideas. He said that he who desires to be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven must be servant of all. The real saving truth of what Joshua ben Joseph taught is wrapped up in the simple truth that God is our Father and we are his children.

This book is an attempt to portray the original message, or religion, that Joshua proclaimed without the assorted doctrines that Western Christianity has laid on top of his simple message of brotherly love and Fatherly devotion.

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