The True Interpretation of the Revelation of John and the Bible

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The True Interpretation of the Revelation of John and the Bible

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the true interpretation of the revelation of john and the bible, reveals things that nobody has ever explained and it does so, in a way that leaves you speechless, because the arguments used in the book are granite like and cannot really be debated.

it reveals things that no other book even dares to touch, things that will make your jaw drop to the floor.

for example it reveals the supreme phrase of moses stated in the book of genesis chapter 1 verse 3 "and god said, let there be light:and there was light."???
there is no doubt that absolutely nobody knows what this verse really means and nobody can explain this superb phrase. neither the official church which in fact is in complete darkness, nor
any scientist really knows what this really means. they are still searching to find out!!

and this because, many people confuse this "light" stated in the above verse with the "light of the Sun".
but the "light of the Sun" ,as genesis states was produced in the fourt day of creation, while this
"light" was produced in the first day of creation. hence there is absolutely no connection
between the two.

because the "light of the first day" was not the "light of the Sun". but it was the
primordial universal electricity through which the partial evaporation of the
abyss of waters took place and enabled the unconstructed earth to be seen.
(see genesis 1st chapter).

this primordial universal electricity(the light of the first day of creation),
as everybody can realize, has enormous implications for the scientific world,
that discovered this formidable fact almost 3,500 years after genesis was given to moses by god.

and this is not the only shocking truth that this book reveals. in fact it is full and
packed with unbelievable revelations and explanations.

it further destroys the Big Bang theory with such an amazing ease and brings forward, the true way of the creation and formation of the universe, in a scientific way which is in complete conformity with the bible and cannot be debated. i repeat, it cannot be debated.

for the first time is revealed, that the creation of the universe took place in no time.
because as the book explains, in a fantastic detail which has never seen before,
no matter how many billions of years science and especially materialists assume, since the creation of the universe, it is impossible to explain it. and therefore as the book demonstrates in detail, the creation is really timeless, something that no one has ever thought before, which is truly shocking.

and while the creation of the universe is timeless, the formation of the universe
took place in time and this is the exact point that scientists have been confusing and thus they
cannot explain anything correctly.

they do not even know if the photon is a wave or a particle!!
while the answer is very simple as the book explains.

the theological and scientific revelations contained in the book, are just too many to be stated here.

prepare yourself to be shocked and to be blasted to another sphere of existence that you never thought possible!!!

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