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A Scot Goes South: A Journey from Mexico to Ayers Rock

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'Like its predecessor, the book is notable for its dash and enthusiasm, coupled with the photographer's instinct for the exotic and eccentric.' Sunday Times
'...another compelling bit of reading.' The Oxford Times

Here is the sequel to Alastair Scott's highly acclaimed Scot Free, which left readers on the threshold of Central America impatient for more. A Scot Goes South describes the next two years of the author's five-year odyssey, spent in Central and Southern America, Australia and New Zealand.
Alastair Scott writes with the same infectious brio as in his first book, a photographer's eye enriching the writer's, seizing with delight upon the egregious and eccentric, the larger-than-life that turns out to be life. On the vertiginous Andean Riobamba-Guayaquil line, he pockets his first-class ticket and climbs onto the carriage roof with the other passengers. He spends a night in a Peruvian witchdoctor's hut, takes English four o'clock tea on an estancia in the heart of the Argentine pampas. Letting defences drop in order to be receptive to a new culture he pays the price, stoned by hostile villagers, mugged in Rio, incarcerated as a suspect Tupamaro guerilla in Uruguay. He continues through New Zealand and Australia with the same eye for detail and ear for anecdote, finally arriving at Ayers Rock.

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